Meet The Team



Heather is a free spirited, enthusiastic and caring individual with a passion for movement, creativity, health and well-being. She prides herself on being open, welcoming and compassionate which also influences her teaching style.


Coming from a performing arts background training at various musical theatre schools. Movement has always been a form of escapism for Heather which guided her to yoga in a time of uncertainty. After a few years of self practice and discovery she decided one day and then booked it the next to travel to Asia to take her 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training ad never looked back .Heather believes in the transformative powers of yoga, meditation and mindfulness and her classes allow students to express through their bodies, calm their minds whilst also having a lot of fun. Her classes are  dynamic, playful and graceful. Expect to leave feeling uplifted and energised yet calm!



Originally from France, Laura has worked as a dancer and a choreographer for ten years, specialising in contemporary dance and partner acrobatics. She taught and performed in France, the UK and also in India, New Caledonia, Vietnam, Spain and Italy.


Laura fell in love with yoga and acro-yoga in Bali in 2005 and practiced yoga alongside her dancing since then, to increase flexibility and to restore her body from several injuries. Yoga was a beautiful and spiritual way for her to reconnect to her body, which she couldn’t find in a physical and strenuous dancer’s career. The immediate and long term effects on both her mind and body encouraged her to complete her 200 hrs Yoga Alliance Accredited teacher training with Yoga Course.

She enjoys being creative and playful in her classes, and loves challenging practitioners to discover what their bodies are truly capable of in a light and relaxed atmosphere.



Hey, I'm Hannah - bringing you a playful, powerful, peaceful practice! With a dynamic Vinyasa style, my classes are open to all levels so everybody will feel warmly welcomed. 


Growing up playing sports in Scotland, I came to yoga when living in California and training for the LA Marathon. This experience soon taught me the importance of yoga for recovering our bodies, strengthening our core and relaxing our mind.

Since then, I have lived in different cities, experiencing different styles, and I'm now based in London, bringing you a fun, flowy yoga class. So, grab a mat and let's get groovin'! 

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With Charley's background in Contemporary Dance, movement has always been a huge part of her life. Her love of moving is what she hopes to share with you!

Charley believes when we move from a place of freedom and joy, the result of this practice is an enlivened being. It's this deeply seeded positivity she aims to bring to her classes. She holds a compassionate space for everyone to explore their physical landscape and breath. Come to class for physically creative, fluid flows – dynamic with a touch of playfulness.



Hey i'm Vix and I am trained in Vinyasa, using other movement practices as inspiration. I feel that my teaching style reflects my personality. Fiery, soulful and most all a little bit fun.

Training in different forms of martial arts, has really taken my practice to a point where the correlation in movement gave me that light bulb moment… that ahh ha! moment. Working on freedom of movement and breath to aid in my training, and vice versa.

You might find that a typical class with me will involve a little bit of sweat and a laugh and maybe some yoga poses thrown in there.



Zharina has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years. Trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket by The Yoga People in India, then Yin and Mandala in Mexico, her teaching style is strong yet encouraging – with an emphasis on how a pose feels rather than how it looks due to her anatomy-focused training.

As a deadline-driven TV producer turned strategic consultant, Zharina turns to yoga and meditation to centre herself and find a sense of calm. She believes in the grounding and healing benefits of the practice, bringing in a strong focus on breath and stillness of mind while still taking a playful and fun approach in her classes.



"Polly teaches a grounding and nurturing slow-flow, encouraging students to move mindfully and intuitively to their bodies. She offers a supportive space to explore whatever may be currently present with a kind attention- bringing a sense of curiosity and enquiry to the practice.

You can expect creative and accessible sequences, welcoming an opportunity to move consciously, in a way that feels good to your (unique!) body.

Guided meditations and breath work will help you tune in, carefully curated playlists will help you switch off and class themes will centre you on and off the mat.

She prides herself in creating a non-judgemental, inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome to show up, just as they are".



Class with Ezgi is a celebration of embodiment; to experience the body with a keen sensitivity to its needs.


As a contemporary dancer and choreographer, Ezgi has long viewed movement as a way to connect to the body; a gateway to expression. Throughout her career, yoga has become a treasured practice for recharging, listening and carving out a restorative space. This is echoed in Ezgi’s classes.  


You can expect creative sequences, detailed technical cues and a dose of inspiration to help students deepen their experience. Ezgi teaches breathe-led vinyasa yoga and fosters a space for students to find joy in movement.

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Angela started practicing yoga in Toronto around 2011. Focusing more on using asanas as a way to compliment other physical exercise. Working in mental health however intrigued her to delve more into the other limbs. Years later, a move to the UK, various health issues and deep desire to gain a more intuitive body, mind and breath connection lead Angela to do her Yoga Teacher Training. Training in Hatha and Vinyasa originally, Angela has since completed a qualification in the Neurobiology of Trauma and Trauma Informed Practices as well as Mandala.In her classes you can expect to be encouraged to reach your full potential for that day; always offering a variety of modifications for students of all levels. Teaching a fresh flow with harmonious sequencing and a prominence on mindfulness, inclusion and accessibility"