About us
A message from our creator

Vata E2 is a small independent female run coffee shop and yoga space.


‘I have always dreamt of creating a space that is a friendly, positive environment where everyone feels welcome and part of a community and now I cannot wait to share this wonderful journey with you all.'


This is where pairing a yoga space with a community space originated from. 


Our vision is to make yoga accessible for everyone and we understand that everyone is unique and abilities will differ. We  offer a range of classes (More variety coming soon) with different teachers, with small class numbers , making them more intimate, so you feel seen. Our teachers  offer plenty of ‘in class' modifications to suit everyone’s needs.


At Vata we aim to ensure everyone’s goal is nurtured whether it be to deepen your practice, build  strength or flexibility, recover from injury, be part of a community or find your calm in this crazy world we are living in.


We believe that Vata is a place for everyone, whether you have done yoga for years, are just starting your yoga journey or simply want a coffee in a cosy welcoming place. 


We cannot wait to welcome you at with a big smile, so come and say hi!!


When you support Vata E2 you are supporting a dream and for that we cannot thank you enough!