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Sound Healing 


31st October 2-4pm


    Gemma Felix 


Inversion Workshop


14th November



Hellen Russel-Clark

Angelo and Laura.jpeg


28th November



Angelo'Acro Yoga Sanctuary'

            & Laura 

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12th December



     Richard Trovatten

Sound Healing with Gemma


Amidst the rush and noise of the external busyness we find ourselves inhabiting, there is a deep space of ease to be found. If you feel the call to restore and receive, you are lovingly invited to join this sound therapy workshop. 


The session will open with a soothing guided meditation, inviting you to ease into a deeply restful and receptive state. Preparing the body, mind and nervous system for a powerful exploration of sound vibration. 

Meditation will merge effortlessly into a powerful soundscape, a journey of layered sound using Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and other deeply healing instruments.


The practice of sound therapy and each individuals experience will be unique. The body is instinctively aware of how to absorb and process the healing qualities of sound; on a physical level our own cellular vibration gently shifts when we experience the powerful frequencies produced during these sessions. Energetically you will be held in a safe and nourishing space as Gemma guides you through this journey, inviting you to explore what arises, release stagnancy, revitalise, visualise or simply to settle into deep rest. 

This journey is yours and you are supported in all ways, just as you are.


(This session is suitable for all bodies but please advise us of pregnancy, history of seizures and heart implants prior to booking. )

Inversion Workshop with Helen Russel-Clark


It’s not all about inversions, but they can be super fun…

Join Helen for this uplifting workshop. We will work with handstand and forearm stand, safely exploring the alignment and strength needed for these asana and how to transition in and out of them smoothly.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer and looking for some interesting variations or just finding your wings, this workshop is suitable for anyone with a regular yoga practice. Build your confidence, gain a little self trust, and experience the joy of being upside down!

About Helen

Helen trained in Morocco with Yogahaven. She then went on to specialise in Rocket under David Kyle, who's teacher training she now assists. She also teaches Yin Yoga, Pranayama and breathwork. Helen is a drama school graduate and worked as an actor for her early career. As well as the arts, she was in hospitality for many years, so community (and food) is always at the heart of her work. She is now a student of Psychoanalysis and is interested in how the embodied principles of yoga can aid with both physical and mental well being as well as trauma and anxiety.



Come to Vata to fly with this amazing workshop with the incredible Angelo from Acro Yoga Sanctuary and out very own Laura!

Acro yoga combines yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics.


Come and join this 2 hour workshop to enjoy the benefits of traditional yoga,  strengthen your core, glutes and get a really deep stretch for your muscles in various aerial positions in partner yoga that you cant always get doing it alone.

The effects are very beneficial: release stress, improve your posture  &  flexibility whilst lengthening the spine.

This workshop is open level and will break down the basics of acro-yoga, starting with flying bird, backbends and other aerial positions to evolve into a flowing sequence, so dont be scared, all levels welcomed!

You do not need to come with a partner and all levels are welcome, its going to be so much fun!

First Time Upside Down


The handstand is a foundational body weight drill, like the squat, the pull-up or the plank. To yogis it is known as Adho Mukha Vrksasana, Downward-facing Tree Pose. It is considered an advanced asana that demands a fair amount of strength, flexibility, skill and discipline. The reward to the practitioner is a lifelong game that takes place upside down - a game that silences any inner monologue and enhances your mental focus and special awareness.


This 2 hour workshop is designed as a gentle introduction to the handstand.


You will be presented with core principles of how to balance on your hands and you will experience practical and playful ways of getting your first experiences of being upside down.

No prior handstand experiences required.

What we will cover:
- The basic enablers: strength, flexibility and skill
- How to condition your body: fingers, wrists, forarms, shoulders, traps, core, glutes, legs and toes.

- Getting upside down
- The straight line handstand
- Exploring shapes in the air
- Wall drills
- Kicking up
- Falling with grace
- Spotting a partner
- Breathing
- A typical 2 year handstand journey - and how you get started