Classes for everyone!

Whether you are a well versed yogi, you have taken a few classes online or you dont even know what a downward facing dog is... be sure to find something here for you!

If you still need help after reading our little descriptions please just give us an email, call or pop in for a chat and we can help you find the best class for YOU!

Vinyasa Flow

Energising, playful and flowing sequences, where you can expect a practice that is physically demanding whilst being fluid and playful at the same time. Take what you need from this style of practice, and from what each teacher has to offer. Think breath linked with movement. 

You will leave feeling energised, yet calm.

Perfect for new or seasoned yogis. 

Slow Flow

This is a slower-paced vinyasa flow class to allow time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm within the mind and body. You will move slowly with the breath through each asana learning to breathe deeper, move energy flow and find grounding.

Flow to Restore

Expect to flow with the breath mindfully through postures to release any built up stress or tension that we hold in our bodies. The second half of the class you will start to slow down and hold poses for a little longer to allow a deep stretch and relaxation to reset your entire system. You will leave feeling refreshed and restored.

Beginners Yoga

If you are ready to start your journey with yoga for whatever reason, you will be welcomed with open arms in this  class! 

Our beginners classes are suitable if you have never done yoga before, want to keep it simple or go back to basics .

Classes will be really clear with detailed instructions, you will go over the fundamentals of yoga whilst working on building strength and flexibility but most importantly finding your calm.

Power Flow

A strong, dynamic and up tempo class. This class is aimed at building strength and flexibility, linking yoga postures with rhythmic breath. Expect sun salutations, twists, bends and balances. Combining meditation and pranayama with a creative flow. Condition your body and empower your mind. All levels welcome. 


Ready to zen out? This class is open to all, slow paced, restorative and meditative. It is ideal to switch off after a stressful day! Yin yoga offers the opportunity for each practitioner to turn inward and nurture the calm within their mind and body. Poses are held for a longer period of time, should be held comfortably and require not effort or strength.

Let gravity do the work guiding the body through a passive stretch and targeting the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Allow yourself to melt away, let the music transport you and enter a deep state of relaxation.


Our restorative class is great for those days where your body and mind are tired but you still want to move and stretch and recharge whilst doing so. It is a mellow class with a slower flow focusing on gentle mindful transitions and deep yet relaxing stretches. A little breath work and meditation to seriously find your calm and centre.