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Unlimited yoga for one month only

You can try any of our 16 classes per week for the entire month! 

We offer a range of classes and ‘in class' modifications to suit everyone’s needs

Move , Connect , Refresh

What does 'Vata' Mean?

Vata is one of the Three Ayurvedic Doshas, meaning “that which moves things”.

Since birth, every human being has had an individual combination of the three Doshas (life forces): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

The Vata Dosha contains the properties of the elements ether and air.

Vata is responsible for our energy and movement as well as for nerve impulses. Creativity, joy, communication, circulation, pleasure, menstruation and physical movement are also manifestations of Vata.

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Vata E2 is a small independent coffee shop and yoga space.

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, positive space where you can take a yoga class, indulge a refreshment, do some work and connect with like minded people


Our vision is to make yoga accessible for everyone and we understand that everyone is unique and abilities will differ. We  offer a range of classes (More variety coming soon) with different teachers, with small class numbers , making them more intimate, so you feel seen. Our teachers  offer plenty of ‘in class' modifications to suit everyone’s needs.


Covid-19 Safety Precautions 

In light of COVID- 19 we have put precautions and rules in place to ensure everyone's safety.

Please read more about our guidelines so you are aware before attending VATA E2.

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389 Hackney Road 


E2 8PP

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